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Jane Casper-Foley

Decoding God's Ultrasound

Author, Sonographer, Dream Expert, Speaker

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Providing Information on Ultrasound and the Predictive Power of Pregnancy Dreams

Jane speaks two languages: Science and Intuitive. She has worked as a Sonographer (Ultrasound Technologist) for over 25 years, immersed in medical science, while simultaneously has been a prophetic dreamer most of her life. From analyzing how her own dreams communicate messages to her and from observing the accuracy of her patients' dreams about pregnancy and their health, she has developed useful and powerful tools for interpreting messages from your soul via your dreams.


Dreams are powerful tools when it comes to a look at the unborn child. Just as an Obstetrical Ultrasound gives a mommy to be a good look at the welfare of her baby, dreams too can predict the welfare and outcome of a pregnancy.


What do you see in your dreams?

Jane A. Foley is just a trusted medical professional. She will educate and guide you when it comes to dreams about your baby or an ultrasound.


Learn more about her background and why ultrasound and dreams are her passion.


More About Jane

"I have dreamed in my life, dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they have gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the color of my mind."

- Emily Bronte

"That which can be forseen can be prevented." - Charles H. Mayo

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Author Jane Foley

For over 25 years, professional sonographer and author Jane Foley of Maui has worked with women during their pregnancies to check on their baby through ultra sound and through interpretation of their dreams surrounding pregnancy. Jane has become well known for her ability to analyze a dream and determine if the dream accurately predicts information about a future child.  As an author Jane has used her expertise in predictive dream interpretation, to contribute to an online service for pregnancy.org and to several books. Her most current story may be read in Chicken Soup for The Soul, Dreams and Premonitions edition.


Interpreting Your Dreams

Jane’s passion for studying the power of a dream about an unborn child stemmed from wanting to find the meaning behind her own dreams that looked into her future. With her belief that our dreams hold significant meaning towards our lives, she began to connect her obstetrical ultrasound patients and her gift for understanding pregnancy dreams while doing their ultrasound. Her research and investigation into her patient’s dreams about their babies opened up this unexplored topic of what she likes to call “God’s Ultrasound”, a look at the welfare of your baby in a dream. Jane is an expert at making sense of what we she calls the Pregnant Dream. Jane believes these Pregnant Dreams are as important as an ultrasound is in  determining the health and welfare of your baby. When you have your dreams interpreted it can be life changing, often finding peace of mind about what you thought to be a nightmare.  


Ultrasounds for Expecting Mothers

Even with today’s technology, it is practically impossible to determine a woman’s exact date of conception and the exact date her baby will be born. As an experienced sonographer, Jane knows there is plenty of misconception surrounding ultrasounds and what they tell us. Jane’s explanations of an obstetrical ultrasound can bring clarity to expecting couples giving them an understanding into how the medical community dates a pregnancy, to counting back to the day of conception. There are still many things science cannot tell us about the miracle of life, but Jane is determined to share what science does, and sometimes does not, tell us.


Contacting Jane

Jane Foley is an author and a gifted predictive dreamer who will educate all dreamers who have had a dream about an unborn child. To contact Jane about your pregnancy dreams you can email her at pregnancydreams@gmail.com.