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Jane Casper-Foley

Decoding God's Ultrasound

Author, Sonographer, Dream Expert, Speaker


Interpret Your Dreams Through a Gifted Intuitive Dreamer and Author.

Author Jane Foley of Maui, Hawaii began her career as a Sonographer over 30 years ago. Today, Jane continues in the field of ultrasound and is one of our countries most visible experts on the topic of Pregnant Dreams. She has helped thousands to understand the predictive power of dreams surrounding pregnancy. Jane has contributed her expertise on interpreting dreams surrounding pregnancy to many books, online expert panel on pregnancy and has a new story in “Chicken Soup for The Soul, Dreams and Premonitions edition”.  Many times your dreams are lending you a guiding hand through important life events; Jane is an expert at helping you determine the meaning of those dreams.


Pregnancy Dreams Unveiled

Often you hear of pregnant women having strange dreams. Is it the food they ate before they went to bed or do pregnancy dreams really hold meaning? Jane has worked with thousands of patients over the years as both a Sonographer and dream interpreter. It is Jane’s belief that your pregnancy dreams are your bodies way of speaking to you through your dreams about your pregnancy; it is then up to you and Jane to dig deeper and find the meaning of your dream. In articles authored by Jane, you will find that interpretation of dreams have shown the welfare of babies during pregnancy.


Expert Sonographer

One of the most exciting things about pregnancy is getting to see your baby on that little black and white screen, even though you may not be able to distinguish what all you are looking at.  Jane is an expert Sonographer who has worked with the women around the world as part of their prenatal care. As a Sonographer, Jane can help you discern questions on the conception date and how the medical world dates a pregnancy. Not to mention, if you talk to her about your dreams she just may be able to help you learn a little more then the ultrasound has given you about your pregnancy.  


Get In Contact with Jane

Jane A. Foley is one of our countries experts surrounding pregnancy dreams and Sonographer. You can get in contact with Jane by email at pregnancydreams@gmail.com.