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Jane Casper-Foley

Decoding God's Ultrasound

Author, Sonographer, Dream Expert, Speaker


One of the Most Prolific and Powerful Writers of Maui

Author Jane Foley of Maui is a practiced Sonographer and expert dream interpreter. As one of Maui’s leading writers in Sonography and dream interpretation, Foley has found herself working with several book authors and online groups, sharing her expertise and helping to make such well known titles as “Chicken Soup for The Soul” a success.


Sonography Expert

Over 30 years ago, Jane began her career as a Sonographer. Today she continues with her ultrasound profession by combining her research into dreams which predictive the future. Jane has worked with thousands and thousands of women during their pregnancies. She has incorporated her passion for interpreting dreams and her expertise as a Sonographer into a fascinating look into pregnancy dreams. Jane has authored numerous articles surrounding the misconceptions surrounding ultrasounds dating to understanding anomalies and early obstetrical ultrasound and their results


What do Pregnancy Dreams Tell Us?

Jane began listening to those “crazy” dreams people have as she looked into their bodies. She found these dreams where accurately showing a Mommy-to-be a look at their unborn child. She came to the conclusion and now sees that they are messages from what she calls “spirit babies “. These are the souls of our unborn who have the capability of speaking to us, (that is if we know how to listen.).  Often during pregnancy, women complain to their doctors about nightmares and strange dreams. Hearing about these dreams and having had her fair share of wild dreams herself, Jane decided to dig deeper and try to determine the meaning of these visions. Since then, Jane has authored several articles surrounding the meaning of pregnancy dreams and has helped many expecting women find peace of mind with a better understanding of what their strange dreams can possibly mean. Jane believes that like any other part of prenatal care, interpreting your dreams can lead to the wellbeing and health of your baby.


Contact Jane about Your Pregnancy Dreams

Author Jane A. Foley is one of Maui, Hawaii’s writers. To find out what Jane’s expertise can tell you about your pregnancy dreams, contact her at pregnancydreams@gmail.com. Jane looks forward to interpreting your dreams and possibly incorporating the meaning in her next article or book.