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Jane Casper-Foley

Decoding God's Ultrasound

Author, Sonographer, Dream Expert, Speaker


Welcome to the World of Pregnancy Dreams

Dreams are powerful tools when it comes to a look at the unborn child. Just as an Obstetrical Ultrasound gives a Mommy-to-be a good look at the welfare of her baby, dreams too can predict the welfare and outcome of a pregnancy.


The similarities of the OB ultrasound and a powerful dream about your baby, birthed the name of this special type of dream as "God's Ultrasound."


Join our community of dreamers to discuss your own dreams and how to "Decode God's Ultrasounds"

Not every dream that gives you a look at your unborn child is a true look into the future.


There are dreams of hope, dreams of events or discussions from the previous day, there are scary nightmares, and then there are the dreams that foretell.

Do you still have questions? We have acomprehensive Q&A section to help understand your pregnancy dreams.

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