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Decoding God's Ultrasound

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There are times when your dreams can offer a predictive glimpse into your pregnancy. It can be difficult to navigate the landscape of your dreams. But with our help, we can help you figure out their meanings.


Read our list of questions and answers to determine what your dreams are trying to tell you through the course of your pregnancy and conception.


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When You Need Answers to Your Dreams

Dreams can offer a predictive glimpse into your pregnancy. Navigating the landscape of dreams can prove difficult, but without help you will be able to discern their meanings.


Q. Why do so many women dream of having twins when they are not pregnant with twins?

A.   A vivid and recurring memory of a dream of twins is a sign of a Predictive Pregnancy Dream.  My belief is that many women who dream of twins but go on to deliver one baby were in fact pregnant with twins at one point.  As an ultrasound technologist, I see women with twins in early pregnancy where only one twin is viable.  Ultimately, these women start the pregnancy with twins, but give birth to just one baby.  My conclusion is that we women become pregnant with twins much more often than we know or assume.


In one such instance, a women explained that she had a dream in which an ultrasound revealed that she was pregnant with twins.  The doctor printed the picture of the twins and sent her home to tell her husband.  When she arrived home, however, she attempted to pull the photo from her pocket, but realized that it was not there.  Frantically, she searched but could not find it.   In the end, she found the photo in a pocket on her chest.


As it turned out, this woman gave birth to just one baby. From her dream, we can discern the following:


•  This dream let the woman know that she was pregnant with twins.

•  The frantic search for the ultrasound picture represented the loss of one of the twins.

•  Finding the picture in her chest pocket meant that she would keep the memory of this twin close to her heart, thus the recurring memory of this dream.


Communications from the spirits of twin babies are with women in the early stages of pregnancy.  One baby goes to term but both babies still communicate with Mom through God’s ultrasound showing the twins in a dream!

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